The Dragonís Disciple, The Dragonís Disciple, Book 2 by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal Yaoi

ISBN: 978-1-59578-362-2

Reviewed by Willow



Many years ago Dao Kan Shu lost his lover Toshiro in the San Francisco earthquake. On his last breath, Toshiro says ďI will find you.Ē Now, the vampire is sure he has found his beloved Toshiro once again. Kenichi Ohara is waiting for his date to show up when Shu spots him. All falls into place for Shu. It is his Toshiro in the flesh.

Kenís whole world is art. His parents think itís a waste of time. His sketch book is filled with passion he feels for his art. Shu is convinced even more that Ken is Toshiro when he sees a sketch of the knife that killed him. How does Ken know what it looks like? It was lost long ago.

Shu convinces Ken to stay with him. Ken feels more at home than he ever has.

Now memories are surfacing that arenít Kenís. Ken and Toshiro share the same face and the same soul but he is not entirely Toshiro. Even though it would please Shu, Ken doesnít want to be the reincarnated Toshiro. He wants Shu to want him for himself, not because heís someone else.

Shu claims Toshiro by carving ĎI Love You Foreverí into Kenís skin. Ken wants to be with Shu but Shuís jealousy and violent reactions push him away. So why doesnít Ken hate him?  When Ken finally ďremembersĒ everything, he is willing to make Forever a reality.

I liked The Dragonís Disciple and I didnít but I think that was the point. Itís a dark romance with a dangerous aura. I was pulled in even when I didnít want to be. Shuís obsession with finding Toshiro isnít altogether healthy for anyone but there is no denying that Shu did love him. Which brings us to Ken. Kenís feeling for Shu revisit Toshiroís feelings but there is always the question-are the feelings really Kenís or do they belong to Toshiro? Even when Ken ďrememberedĒ the question was still there. And the doubt is what made me keep reading.

There are two romances in The Dragonís Disciple. Shu and Ken are the primary relationship with Meg and Leigh bringing the storyline in to focus. The characters are all very strong which made the events so provocative. I think that anyone who takes a chance will love to hate Shu.


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