The Dom Next Door by Violet Summers

Phaze Heatsheet

Erotic BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60659-119-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Nadia Flemming has been watching her neighbor and friend Alex ever since he moved in.  For years she has noticed different people coming in and out of his house but figures they are just his students since he is a professor of English.  British and staid, Nadia canít help but compare his life to that of a nerd.  Could she be more wrong? I donít think so.

Alex Johnson is a professor but it is what he does at night that includes fantasies of Nadia Flemming, his next door neighbor.  A highly trained Dom who trains others interested in the D/s lifestyle, Alex is delighted when Nadia becomes nosy and inadvertently and by accident opens a package delivered to him.  It is when he looks at her that he knows.  She is a submissive and she is HIS.

Violet Summers just keeps me on the edge of my seat and sighing in happiness at each new release.  A bit more hardcore than previous releases, The Dom Next Door, gets hot and heavy in the lifestyle of D/s.  Nadiaís immediate submission to Alex was amazingly written and very erotic.  Violet Summers didnít pull any punches with The Dom Next Door Ė had she it wouldnít have been nearly as wonderful.


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