The Companion by Susan Squires

The Companion series, book 2

Historical Vampire Paranormal

St. Martin Paperbacks

ISBN: 0-312-99853-8

Reviewed by Ley



The daughter of a British father and an Egyptian mother Elizabeth Rochewell was never fully accepted amongst British high society. After her father dies while on an archeological expedition in Africa, Elizabeth reluctantly had to return back to England. Not looking forward to returning back to England, Elizabeth found the long voyage from Africa was made tolerable by the presence of Ian Rufford, a man with a harsh past and a mysterious ailment that causes strange moods and an aversion to the sun.

Ian discovers what the strange illness that has come over him is and hopes that Elizabeth can accept him.  As Ian and Elizabeth find a companion in one another Ianís past threatens to destroy him.

The Companion is a dark and compelling story.  Elizabeth ĎBethí and Ian are two loners who found a connection with each.  Beth was not accepted by either of her parentís people so she never really belonged anywhere. And Ianís life was going strong until he was forced into slavery to a woman who was to blame for who he was and what he was now. Ianís story was told in flashbacks and it was a story that had me cringing at the abuse and evil he endured. The Companion is a great story but it's not for readers looking for just a sensual romance story. The Companion is that and a whole lot more.


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