The Commanderís Desire by Jennette Green

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1601543360

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Princess Elwytha has been commanded by her brother to infiltrate the enemyís castle and do whatever it takes to earn his trust.  Once this happens, she is to kill him.  She is a warrior and this task given to her will be carried out because the man she is to kill, the Princeís most trusted Commander, is the man that murdered her beloved brother.  Elwytha doesnít count on the fact that the Commander will take one look at her and claim her for his betrothed bride.  Nor does she count on the fact that despite the evidence to the contrary, she is beginning to see the man beneath the armor.

The Commanderís Desire had the capacity to be a great book. The intrigue, plot and characters were steady and strong at the beginning of The Commanderís Desire.  However, the further I read, the more I began to dislike Elwytha and her attitude.  I found her tenacity and stubbornness tiring.  Her disloyalty to the Commander, the man who wanted her for his very own, and inability to see her brother for what he was made me bonkers and quite frankly, made her seem like a puppet.  The Commander was steadfast and honorable, no matter what anyone else said.  I could see his loyalty to his Prince and to Elwytha, despite the fact that she didnít deserve it.  Despite all of this, and once you got past wanting to shake her, Elwytha and he made a noteworthy pair.

The Commanderís Desire has elements of intrigue and tried very hard to have romance.  It fell short because of its dislikeable female lead.  I suggest skipping The Commanderís Desire at this time.


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