The Colors of Love and Autumn by Lee Pulaski

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-322-2

Reviewed by Ley



Watching the love of his life die from cancer was enough to scare Jeffrey Layton off of getting into another serious relationship.  He never wanted to feel the pain of losing someone he loved again.  Love is a hard thing to control and when Shilo David arrives to town the feelings Jeffrey thought he would never feel again start to resurface, but is he ready to love again?

Shilo wasn’t ready for a new relationship either after his ended in a bad break up, but meeting Jeffrey has him changing his mind. Will these two men be able to heal each others broken hearts?

The Colors of Love and Autumn was sweet, but very slow paced romance wise. Jeffrey and Shilo were great characters, but they were their own worst enemies when it came to their relationship. In trying to build from their attraction to each other Shilo finds himself getting more involved in Jeffrey’s life then he would have expected, especially where his job and a murder investigation was concerned. I really enjoyed Lee Pulaski’s writing style and think he did a great job with this story, I especially liked the supporting characters of the story.  Readers looking for a gay romance story that’s sweet and romantic with a touch of angst, The Colors of Love and Autumn is a great choice.


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