Teraís Awakening by Kelly Maher

Dark Pantheon, Book 4

Elloraís Cave

Futuristic Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419917301

Reviewed by Shayna



Hundreds of years in the future, the earth is dying.  On a mission to save the last forest from the worldís largest mining industrialist, Tera Fitzpatrick breaks into his office.  However, Tera doesnít expect that the man she seeks to confront, Darius Hadides, has been waiting for her.  Whatís more, the darkly seductive Darius convinces Tera to return with him to his home, a beautiful oasis in a dying world.  And thatís just the beginning of the surprises.

As the son of Hades, god of the Underworld, Darius is a Hadesian vampire.  Searching for a way to heal the earth before itís too late, Darius is surprised to find that alluring Tera might be the answer to all his questions.  But even as Darius and Tera grow closer, events that happened millennia ago come full circle, threatening to destroy not only the lovers, but the world itself.

Take a journey into the darkly sensual world of the godkin with Teraís Awakening.  Kelly Maher has penned a gripping, deliciously wicked Dark Pantheon tale.

Though Iím often skeptical about reading futuristics, Darius and Tera made me fall in love with Teraís Awakening.  While Darius is a prince of the Underworld, Ms. Maher never falls into the trap of making him a stereotypically dark hero.  Heís a fascinating blend of intelligence, determination, and yes, darkness.  Tera also captured my attention in that she is a mix of brains, beauty, and strength.  She compliments Darius perfectly and their lust and love for one another is what brings lightness to their souls.  Tera and Dariusís quest to save the planet kept me equally entertained.  Iím afraid I cannot say much without spoiling the plot, so Iíll just leave with the fact that I was swept along for the ride, cheering the protagonists on.

An erotic blend of mythology, adventure, and romance, Teraís Awakening is a captivatingly good read.


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