Sweet Treats By Stormy Glenn

Siren Publishing

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Dr. Nicolas Syranno wanted a man of substance. Someone with a heart and personality who found joy in life without obsessing about his looks, he never expected that someone to fall down at his feet at the local jazz festival.  Sweet, klutzy Brandon was everything Nick wanted and more and convincing Brandon of how much he wanted him was going to be a pleasure.

Brandon knew he wasnít the typical hot stud, but he also knew he had a lot to offer a man but never had he imagine that man would be someone like Nick. 

Sweet Treats is very sweet and it is a very nice treat. Brandon is adorable and Nick is just great.  There isnít a lot to the plot of the story, Brandonís weight is not a real issue, in actuality there isnít any major obstacle for them to overcome except finding time to be together.  Sweet Treats is a happy story of boy meets boy and instantly realizing heís the one.  Sweet Treats is a story that will definitely leave its readers smiling.


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