Sweet Tart by Sean Michael

Cherry Sours/Lemon Drops, series

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: none given

Reviewed by Lisa



Lovers Denny and Cain have been so busy with their careers and the typical holiday chaos that they have barely had time for each other.  Unfortunately, it’s been ‘quickies’ or nothing lately.  The drought is about to be over one way or another.  First though Denny intends to shave Cain – all over and with a pinch of luck that will lead to starting the New Year celebration early tonight.

Fast and fun is an apt description for Sweet Tart by wildly successful author Sean Michael.  A sensual moment in time is captured and enjoyed in Sweet Tart.

Sweet Tart showcases an entertaining routine between the lovers followed by hot, sweaty celebrating.  More please.


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