Sweet Arrest by Jordyn Tracey

Sugar & Spice

Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural

Reviewed by Nellie



It was a tough season for A'isha but she was determined to lose weight and try to keep her mother’s bakery business afloat. But, when it rains it pours, A'isha’s unreliable assistant turns up dead in her shop and to top it off she is the only suspect the police have. The lead detective turns out to be the sexy guy, Connor, A’isha had accidentally knocked down while jogging. Connor has a past history with suspects and he tries to keep it strictly business with A'isha. As they say about best-laid plans, Connor falls for A’isha who blatantly lied about the night in question. Things heat up and lives are threatened but how far can Connor go to protect A'isha without putting his career and life on the line?

I liked Sweet Arrest and was happy that Jordan was not afraid to have the main characters a little roughed up. Sweet Arrest had unexpected surprises at every turn that led to the mystery behind the killing being solved. The writing was sometimes abrupt in terms of the unfolding of the different scenes, one minute I am being seduced and drawn in, at the pinnacle of my anticipation, the next I am cut short without any means to come down. I would have loved a drawn out unfolding of the different events. 


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