Submission by Cherie Feather

Berkley Trade

Erotic BDSM/Paranormal/Ghosts

ISBN: 9780425223680

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Curtis House is the home of BDSM artist Ethan Tierney.  Ethanís ability to take the sublime and turn it pleasurable has earned him the reputation as one of the most talented Dominants around.  When Kiki Dion arrives at his home with the express desire to fulfill hidden fantasies, Ethan is turned on by this leery yet strong woman.  Unwilling to let her go, Ethan begins to show her exactly what being a submissive means.  When Kiki misunderstands what is going on she tries to flee but Ethan is having no part of her leaving.  It is only after both Ethan and Kiki agree on a D/s relationship that they realize that something is not quite right at Curtis House.  Ethan and Kiki have disturbed the souls of the man and woman that tragically died there in 1913 and evidently those ghosts are trying to find their way back to each other, with the help of Kiki and Ethan.

Ethanís dominant nature took me by surprise but I found him completely delicious.  Every time he gave Kiki a request I wanted to shout out loud with a joyful Ďyes master!Ē He was dreamboat yummy and his care and consideration of Kikiís fears and feelings is what made him an outstanding male lead in Submission.

I found Submission to be a tremendously hard book for me to read.  But it isnít because it was a horrible book or poorly written.  That is not the case.  The plotline concerning the former residents of Ethanís home is what I had a hard time with and quite frankly, the scenes which involved Ethan and Kiki helping out the ghosts almost were more than I could stand.  However, I am one hundred percent positive that my feelings are the problem and not Cherie Featherís Submission.

Readers who love a bewitching storyline involving erotic ghosts will adore Submission.  The love scenes were particularly arousing and erotic enough to make even the most solemn of readers blush.  When Kiki and Ethanís trust in each other soared, my heart did as well.  I encourage readers to take a chance on Submission and while the ghostly essence of Submission made me uncomfortable, the rest of the book was amazing. 


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