Shelter In Seattle by Jean Kincaid and Rhonda Gibson

White Rose

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN 1-60154-384-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Julianne flees her Uncle’s home in New York to be a mail order bride in the Northwest.  She feels this is her only way out of being treated as a house slave for her Aunt and Uncle’s children.  What she doesn’t count on is that the man who sent for her has married someone else and now suddenly wants the money back that he sent.  Unfortunately for Julianne this money was stolen by her Uncle and she doesn’t know how she will get it.  But she places her faith in God and decided that she will accept the winner of a lumbering contest as her husband.  

Caleb is drawn to the pretty new woman in the lumber camp.  He has recently suffered the loss of his sister and now has her infant to care for and feels if he can win the contest they will both get what they need.

But will Julianne ever fully trust Caleb and will believe her when things get tough and she hides things from him?

Shelter in Seattle is a sweet story about love conquering all and life in the rugged Northwest.  I enjoyed following how Julianne grows into a trusting woman who is able to deal with not only her past but meeting new people and making a home for herself.  I was intrigued how this team of writers took Shelter in Seattle and made it into an inspirational love story, after it started out with Julianne on the run. I think they did a wonderful job.  If you are a fan of inspirational romances then you need to pick up Shelter in Seattle.


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