Serving Sera by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Waiting for Willow, sequel

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/F/M IR

ISBN: 978-1-55487-212-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The town of Serenity offers a haven for supernaturals looking for a peaceful life and the Howler bar is a popular local hangout for humans and supernaturals alike.  Howler waitress Sera Serveti has more secrets than most, she is a shifter and sheís running from a sociopath who wants her badly.

Hunters Chance Mercer and his partner Noah Andrews have been called to Serenity by fellow Hunters Derek and Quinn to help them.  A powerful demon is loose and the additional Hunters are needed.  When they arrive in town the two are ecstatic to discover that the mate they have spent the past 10 years searching for is right inside the bar, Sera.

Seraís sixth sense is telling her itís time to move on, to run again.  Her mates however have no intention of losing Sera even if she thinks that leaving will protect them.  Perhaps with her mates by her side itís time to take a stand.

Serving Sera is the recent follow up to Waiting for Willow by author Bonnie Rose Leigh.  The characters are engaging, the plot is solid and the one sexual encounter is hot.  Serving Sera overall is more sweet than sizzling plus the climax is more anticlimactic.  Questions left over from the first story arenít answered here they are left for the next story.  Pleasant and somewhat predictable, Serving Sera offers no excitement but is a nice read.


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