Secrets Bared by Anne Rainey

Dark Tarot

Tease Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-934678-55-8

Reviewed by Zayn



Millionaire and famous sculptor Gideon Adrian's life is missing something and at a party in his honor, he finds that elusive element in Lori Fontaine. Gideon is not about to let Lori get away and he has just the thing to make sure he can keep her. Lori has been hurt badly in the past. She is ready for one night of fun but Gideon wants more. Can Lori throw all caution to the wind and just go for it?

Secrets Bared was a whirlwind of a romance with lots of loving. I really like strong heroes but I didn't think that Gideon's actions were heroic at all. Gideon has a special gift which gave him an advantage in his pursuit of Lori and I felt like he used his gift unfairly, Lori didn't stand a chance. I usually love Anne Rainey's stories but Secrets Bared was a miss for me, mostly due to the hero.


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