Schooled by Cynthia Rayne

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-933563-72-9

Reviewed by Willow



Dr. James Byron, sex therapist and professor, is invading her space and Christina Langely is not happy about it. Byronís apartment isnít ready for him so he is forced to share space already occupied. Okay, so he is THE most handsome man she has ever seen and wouldnít mind jumping his bones, but this is her apartment and office. And his attitude really stinks.

Byron is very much a playboy. Heís more interested in the chase than he is of the actual woman he is chasing. He has no intention of ever settling into a lasting relationship. When he gets a look at Chrisís Rubenesque figure Byron gears up for another chase. He is absolutely sure that he will have her in his bed by the end of the week.  

And the seduction begins.

But Chris is not so easily swayed. Yes, his presence and seduction make her feel all tingly but she wants nothing to do with his take charge ways. Until he treats her to candlelight and romance. Byron is sure this will do the trick. Funny thing about love, the most unexpected things can trigger it and the tables soon turn on the sexy sex therapist.

Can they get past their doubts and be together?

So what woman wouldnít want a tall, dark, hot man within easy reach?  I know I would. The sexual tension in Schooled is there from the very beginning. And our hero is blindsided by actually feelings for one of his conquests. Itís great when a playboy is so disconcerted. Oh, and I loved the whole whipped cream scene. Deólicious!


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