Retreat from Love by Samantha Kane

Brothers in Arms, Book 5

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Historical/Ménage/MM

ISBN: 9871419919428

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brett Haversham has finally returned to the country after being home for years from the war.  Not without ghosts, Brett’s biggest problem is the desire he feels not only for his best friend Freddy, but for Anne Goode, the woman who was supposed to marry a fellow officer prior to his death. 

Freddy Thorne, now the Duke of Ashland, has treasured and wanted Brett and Anne for years.  His craving and love for Anne was put on the back burner when she became involved with his older brother but he never stopped wanting her. 

Anne Goode knows she should feel guilty about wanting two men.  She knows she is wanton and she knows that her reputation could be in tatters but she can’t help it.  She has loved and desired both for so long she has no choice but to follow her heart. 

Samantha Kane’s Retreat from Love explores how guilt will influence lives in different ways.  Brett’s guilt eats at him because he is alive and the man Anne Goode loved is not.  Anne’s guilt for loving two men doesn’t interfere as much as it worried her about Freddy and Brett’s reputations.  Freddy worries that he is simply not good enough.  Both men are attracted to Anne but Freddy also wants Brett who seems to Retreat from Love.

Not her strongest Brothers in Arms installment, Retreat from Love seemed to drag at times.  The plot was well thought out and interesting but fell short of holding my attention.  I did not, however, skim the love scenes.  Those babies were scorching hot and intimately tender.  Slowing moving but sensuous, Retreat from Love adds another story to Ms. Kane’s Brothers in Arms series.  For that reason alone, I kept reading. 


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