Red Cloud Wolves Collection by Kate Steele


Changeling Press

M/M Historical Paranormal/Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60521-138-1

Reviewed by Ley



‘Silver Dreams’

Running from corrupt lawmen that want to see him dead, Landon Jeffers life of gambling and loneliness was about to change drastically.  Hiding out in the unchartered lands of Arizona, Landon ‘Lan’ thought his luck was changing for the better when he shakes the posse chasing him and stumbles upon more silver than he can carry, but it’s the strange orange stones that will bring him far more treasures than any silver or gold ever could.

‘Silver Dreams’ is a great and imaginative story.  It’s the beginning of a very fervent romance between Lan and Dark, the beautiful Apache who was Lan’s soulmate.  With all the action of gunfights, fighting for their lives and the strong passion of falling in love with the one you were meant to be with ‘Silver Dreams’ left me wanting more.


‘Night Gems”

After decades together, four to be exact, Lan and Dark have seen a lot over the years but now the tribe they love so much will have to split up for the safety of the tribe and it’s secrets. Now off on their own Lan and Dark encounter hunters who hold their lives in their hands.

“Night Gem’ continues the wonderful saga of Lan and Dark and the Red Wolves.  This was a great follow-up to ‘Silver Dreams’. ‘Night Gems’ was filled with suspense, angst and the great love between Lan and Dark. I enjoyed ‘Night Gems’ very much.


‘Facets of Night’

After a millennium together Lan and Dark are still going strong.  Settling into a new life, Dark shares his knowledge by teaching at a reservation and Lan works in security. Dark and Lan have never been happier, but their happiness is threatened when there past catches up to them.

‘Facet of Night’ continues the suspense and intrigue that Kate Steel cultivated with this series.  Someone is terrorizing Dark and Lan and hurting innocent victims in the process.  Even though I had a suspicion about who the villain might be, I was still on edge until he was revealed. ‘Faces of Night’ was a fantastic wrap up to the saga of Lan and Dark.

Red Cloud Wolves was a very engrossing series.  I loved reading it all in one collection and knowing how Lan and Dark began and how their life and love progressed over the years.  Beautifully written and very enjoyable, Kate Steel fans will love the Red Cloud Wolves collection of stories.


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