Rebel's Revenge by Jane Toombs


Amber Quill Press

Historical/Civil War

ISBN: 978-1-60272-356-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Barbara Thackery knows how hard things are during the Civil War.  She has been living with the local preacherís family while her father is serving as a Dr. for the Union Army.  But, the night she finds out he is in the infamous Libby Prison, the preacher makes unwelcome advances on her and her close family friend is killed in a hate crime.  If that wasnít bad enough, she now appears to be not only attracted to an escaped Rebel Soldier (Ishmael aka. Trevor) but he is the most handsome man she has ever met.  How could she feel that way about the enemy?

Now she has decided that she will go to her father and do what she can to help him survive Libby Prison.  To do this she makes a deal with Trevor to help them both get to Richmond.  But, will they make it through rough territory alive and once there can Barbara help her father?  While all of this is happening both of them are trying to not let their growing love get in the way of fierce loyalties to their countries.  Not only are they on the opposite sides of the war but their colleagues all seem to be trying to keep them apart, and in some cases kill them.  Will they and their love survive the Civil War?

Rebelís Revenge is an interesting look at times in the Ohio area while the Civil War is raging.  Not all was the same for everyone.  I was impressed by the different scenarios that Ms. Toombs was able to create using known and unknown names from the Civil War.  I was drawn in by the start of the book and it kept my interest throughout.  While some scenarios were a little far fetched they all worked well with the overall story and setting of Rebelís Revenge.  If you are a fan of period romances I think you will enjoy Rebelís Revenge.


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