Pure Artistry by Carol McKenzie

Loveyoudivine Alterotica

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60054-234-5

Reviewed by Ley



Cameron Bracy thought taking an art class would be a good way to relieve stress. His job as an accountant and his recent break up with his girlfriend has been the cause of plenty of stress in his life lately, but he may have made a big mistake with the art class when he finds himself attracted to one of his classmates, who happens to be a man.

Eli Thompson is coming off of a break up as well. His wasnít as amicable as Cameronís. In fact his boyfriend left him in a bad position and falling for a straight man is just not what he needed, but Cameronís kindness was too hard to resist.

I really liked this story.  Cameron never thought of himself as gay and never thought of men in a romantic manner until Eli walked into his art class. I liked how Cameron, although a bit freaked, was sincere and open with Eli about his curiosity and the strange feelings Eli was making him feel. Eli was just so sweet even though his bastard of an ex-boyfriend left him and his finances pretty desolate.  Eli and Cameron shared a respect for each other and each otherís boundaries until they were sure of what the other one wanted.  Pure Artistry was a sweet and enjoyable story that readers will be pleased with.



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