Protect and Defend by Francesca Hawley


Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419920042

Reviewed by Jo



Mikaela Laughlin is a librarian and a mystery writer who needs to do some research for her next book at a crime lab.  Through connections she gets an appointment to tour the crime lab with Lieutenant Diarmid Redwolf.  Mikaela has lusted over this man since she first saw him and now she will not only meet him but also get to spend time picking his brain.  She can’t wait to have time with “Delicious Diarmid.”

Diarmid Redwolf agreed to meet with Mikaela but he is taken by surprise in several ways upon meeting her.  First off, Mikaela has done her research and actually knows what she is asking about.  Secondly, she is very observant and has helped him on a case within the first couple of hours of meeting each other.  Lastly, she is his mate and he is fighting like mad not to forget all about the show and tell at the office and go straight into show and tell in the bedroom.  Diarmid is an alpha shapeshifter and he never expected to meet his True Mate. 

Thing go crazy when Mikaela and Diarmid meet and instant lust appears.  That is the easy part.  Trying to figure out how Mikaela came to be his True Mate leads both of them to learn new things about each other.  Dealing with their jobs, mating and merging families would be enough for anyone but there is one more thing that has to be handled before any future can be imagined.  A serial killer that Diarmid has been after for years is back on the scene and he now has his sights on Mikaela.

Take one mystery writer with a crush and one hot detective with super senses and what do you have?  Mikaela and Diarmid in Protect and Defend send the lust-to-passion-to-love meter over the top.  Mikaela snaps at the chance to interview her favorite crime lab lieutenant.  Diarmid agrees to the interview thinking it's just for a fluffy news article.  Both are surprised at the instant passion that hits as soon as they meet eyes.  At first, it was the humor-filled lust that caught my attention but that quickly moved into the mystery on just why Mikaela and Diarmid were mates.  By the end of the book there were several things that had kept my attention and had me reading as fast as possible.  I fell for both Mikaela and Diarmid because they faced everything—a criminal, mating and family—in a forthright manner that had a melody of humor running through it.  Protect and Defend had not only a great plot but also lovable characters.  A must read whether you are interested in suspense, paranormal or just great romance. 

I hope that Ms. Hawley will do further books for several of the secondary characters.  I would love to spend some more time in her world. 


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