Promises in the Dark by Trixie Stilletto

Amber Quill Press

Amber Heat

BDSM (light), Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-426-6

Reviewed by Jo



Pat Twain is beyond tired.  She is a rock singer who is just about done with her current tour, but that isn’t the entire reason.  Pat does not take anything for granted and therefore has her hands on every little detail concerning her band, the tour, the albums; you name it, Pat knows about it.  Now she has to find a new manager because she found the old one in bed with someone else—yep they were lovers.  No wonder she is ready for a true break.

Geoff Danheiser is a bass player in Pat’s band and he’s also a songwriter.  He has been with Pat for years.  He knows that something is up when Pat leaves after their last concert of the tour.  Actually, he knows exactly what is up as he as wanted Pat to see him as something other than a pal.  Now is his chance and Geoff isn’t going to let it go by.  Geoff knows just what will take some of the stress off of Pat.

A surprise invitation to a night of dinner and dancing after the show—or so Pat believes—leads to a night neither she nor Geoff will forget anytime soon.  Geoff’s passion ignites Pat’s and he shows her that sometimes the best thing is to give up control.

One hurt and stressed out rock star is about to find out how to give and take in Promises in the Dark.  Pat just needs some time to figure out what to do next.  Geoff wants to help Pat with more than writing songs and playing a guitar.   I loved how Geoff decided to take matters into his hands and prepared a night that Pat would never forget.  Their night of exploration was very hot and erotic while still being loving.  I also enjoyed the brief glimpse of their future.  Promises in the Dark is a rocking love story with just a touch of the exotic to keep you reading.


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