Poor Boy by Jaime Samms

Freya’s Bower Publishing

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Roy was born to a privileged life, his father’s money took care of his every material need. When his father decided to leave the city and Roy refused to go with him Roy’s easy life changed drastically. In a blink of an eye Roy found himself penniless, homeless, boyfriend-less and depending on a street hustler to help him survive the streets.  From the moment he met him Roy felt there was something more to Scooby, then being a rent boy. Roy realized there was a deeper connection between him and Scooby, a connection that could destroy both of them.

Angst ridden, emotionally crippling are the words that come to mind when I think of this book.  The boys of Poor Boy were all on a path of destruction and despair. They needed to be saved from themselves as well as outside elements. Roy was raised with money and Scooby was raised on the streets, but both had very unhappy lives.  I felt really sad for Roy he was the embodiment of the term ‘poor little rich boy’, Scooby came across as a lot stronger than Roy.  Even though he was an orphan, raised by his not much older than him brother, and a hustler, Scooby had a much stronger sense of who he was then Roy ever had, and once their paths crossed Scooby became somewhat of a life line for Roy. I’m not sure how I feel about this book because through most of it I wanted to shake some sense into both Scooby and Roy, I, however was emotionally moved by it.  After all of the heartbreak Poor Boy does end on a promising positive note, and Roy and Scooby definitely deserved it, especially Scooby.


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