Picture Perfect by Lexie Davis



ISBN: 978-1-906590-17-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Amanda is doing a good friend a huge favor.  As a photographer, she has agreed to shoot the photos of local firemen for the upcoming charity calendar.  This yearís theme is Red Hot Firemen.  What she isnít prepared for is how Fire Chief Bradley Thompson will make her blood sing by just looking at him partially dressed.  You see she has had a secret crush on him since he rescued her from a house fire two years ago.  What she doesnít know is that shy Brad might just also have a crush on her.

After a power outage sets up a romantic scene at the end of the photo shoot, they both might just let go of their insecurities and let their feelings be know.  The question though is will one night be enough for them?

Amanda and Brad are rather cute as a couple. I enjoyed how Ms. Davis portrayed the secret crushed that both characters had. I also enjoyed how Brad was the shy one in this relationship; I thought it made for a better story. So if you want a fast paced pick me up and enjoy studly firemen then Picture Perfect is for you.


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