Passion Play by Martin Delacroix

Torquere Press


Reviewed by Ley



Being in charge of the annual Passion Play for his church was something Reverend Luke looked forward too but this year was going to be different.  Luke is informed that this year Jesus was going to be played by James Thibodeaux a new parishioner to his church who happens to be deaf and his brother Marcus was to serve as Jamesí interpreter.  On the surface James is the perfect one to play Jesus, but Luke soon learns that on the inside nothing could be farther from the truth.

When Luke begins a very unexpected physical relationship with Marcus, Jamesí true colors come to light as he threaten to reveal their relationship unless Luke and Marcus do as he ask.

Passion Play is a very different story. I wasnít sure what to make of the relationship between the brothers; it was odd to say the least.  James was very manipulative, he used his deafness and his beauty as a way to get what he wanted but what he wanted was a bit twisted. James overshadowed the connection between Luke and Marcus.  Even though the story was told from Lukeís point of view, Jamesí presence dominated it.  Passion Play is a heavy story that will leave the reader thinking and wondering what will become of these three men.


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