Passion of Madeline by Robin Gideon


Historical Western/ Ménage à trois/ Multicutural

ISBN: 978-1-906811-31-0

Reviewed by Ley



Kidnapped by a band of undesirable outlaws who plan to use her as their personal plaything Madeline LaFontaine refused to give in without a fight. Luckily for her she didn’t have to fight alone, when Cole Darden and Hawk came to her rescue.

Cole a rich cattle baron and Hawk who’s half Indian and half white have been best friends since childhood. When they stumbled upon the abandoned stagecoach and the men that were left for dead, they followed the trail of the outlaws to retain their stolen goods and save the woman that was believed to be on the stagecoach. 

Making their way through the Wild West back to civilization Madeline finds herself falling for both men.  Neither man has ever met anyone like Madeline. Will Cole and Hawk’s feeling for Madeline destroy their lifelong friendship?

The Passion of Madeline was not a unique theme but the author’s take on it was quite different.  Madeline made this story for me. I liked her spunk, attitude and approach to life.  Madeline was torn by her feelings for Cole and Hawk, and wondering what the outcome would be once they found out about each other’s relationship with her kept me very interested in this story.  The excitement of the old west, outlaws, gunfights and Robin Gideon’s unique twist made Passion of Madeline a very entertaining read.


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