One With the Darkness by Susan Squires

The Companion series, book 6

Historical Vampire Paranormal

St. Martinís Paperbacks

ISBN: 0-312-94104-8

Reviewed by Ley



Condemned to live eternal life, centuries have passed for vampire Contessa Donnetella di Poliziana, but she still cannot forget Jergen, the one true love of her life. Regretting not taking the chance to make him a vampire like herself, she readily accepts the opportunity to travel back in time to rectify that decision.  When Donnetella now living in the Renaissance period, returned to ancient Rome and her former life as Livia Quintus Lucellus, she doesnít remember her life with Jergen but when she meets him she knows there is something between them.

Now part of the plot to over throw the Emperor, Donnetella/Liviaí s life and her love for Jergen may not end the way she once remembered.

I am very impressed with Susan Squires' style of writing and the originality of her plot concepts.  She builds strong characters that drew me into their story and kept me interested. One With the Darkness is a story that commands the readers full attention to keep track of who are who and what exactly is going on. Livia and Jergen were a great romantic couple. Even though they donít remember each other the second time around, what they once shared was strong enough to connect them once again. There are some scenes that were a bit harsh, but during the period in ancient Rome in which the story is set, they were to be expected. Readers following the stories in this series will thoroughly enjoy One With the Darkness.


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