One Ring to Rule by Charlotte McClain


Romantic Comedy

Reviewed by Tanya



The Wicked Witch of Comics is not how Lindsey Cartwright pictured her career ending up  when she first took the job years ago.  But now, while she is successful, she has never recovered from being dropped by Kent Farrington.  Ok dropped is a bit of an understatement.  He moved out of their place and severed all contact one day while she was at work.  Apparently he took her sense of humor when he left, so now she is the Wicked Witch of Comics.

Now at a famous convention Kent is back and appears to be trying to win Lindsey back.  But while Kent has changed will Lindsey ever be able to trust him again?  Will she even listen to him?

Ms. McClain has taken a well known saying and made it fit perfectly as one line in her story, where you couldn’t imagine any other line being used.  This story made me laugh out loud and also feel for the hurt of Lindsey as well as the confusion.  I was a little surprised at the sub story, of the previous breakup and the impacts of the future so it was not the normal plotline one would expect. So if you are a fan of comics, science fiction and romance stories One Ring to Rule is a must read for you.


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