Night Heat by Marilyn Lee

Red Rose Publishing

M/M Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural

ISBN: 978-1-60435-268-9

Reviewed by Ley



To make extra money for his final year of school, college student Jace Anderson worked nights cleaning office buildings.  The offices were usually empty when he came on shift but one particular night Jace got a surprise when he found a tall dark Adonis occupying one of the offices.  His surprise quickly turned to excitement when Brian, the hot stranger, made it quite clear that cleaning his office was not the only thing Jace would be doing for him.

Brian Jordan at 33 was ten years Jace’s senior and in all his life he has never met anyone who made him feel the things Jace did. After his first taste he knew it would be hard to let Jace go.

With their differences in race, age and sexual orientation will this strange relationship Jace and Brian stumbled into survive past a weekend?

Night Heat was an odd story. The connection between Jace and Brian was weak and very one sided.  Outside of Brian’s physical attributes, I found him to be a very unlikable character based on his treatment of Jace. Jace went from a semi strong character to totally whipped by a stranger who had no clue about who he was. I lost respect for Jace every time he allowed Brian to strip him of his pride and refer to him as his ‘pussy’. When I read the summary for this story I was very excited to read it, but unfortunately I found Night Heat to be very disappointing.


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