Name of a Wolf By Jez Morrow

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Shapeshifter

ISBN: 9781419919244

Reviewed by Ley



After his father is murdered and his birthright is taken from him, aristocrat David ‘Davy’ Blackleigh’s life heads in a direction he never would have expected. Falling into a pack of misfit thieves Davy finds himself in awe of the pack’s leader Connor Donnaugh. To Davy the thought of Connor loving him is worth more than any title or riches he could ever posses, but to his utter devastation he couldn’t even get Connor to be around him let alone love him.

Connor has been around long enough to know love held no place in the wild lands of Craiglaren, but in all his years he has never met anyone like Davy. 

Name of a Wolf was a very interesting story. The eclectic pack of thieves that took Davy into their family were a big part of what made this story enjoyable for me, especially the women of the group. Davy and Connor were of course terrific together, they had great chemistry and passion between them, but it was still their interaction with the pack that made me like them even more. Part of the story I was a bit puzzled by and found to be a bit overly dramatic but for the most part Name of a Wolf was a very enjoyable story.


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