My Deepest Love: Zack by Marie Rochelle

Drace Brothers series, book 1

Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59426-870-0

Reviewed by Ley



Traci works hard to keep her body in shape and people notice. One man in particular is very appreciative of her efforts.  Zack Drace has been attracted to Traci since the first time he spotted her working out in the gym but having never dated a black woman before Zack could not find the nerve to approach her. When fate steps in and he meets her again outside of the gym Zack gathers the courage to finally ask her out only to find Traci had her own reservations about dating a man outside of her race.

Finding their way in this new relationship is further complicated when their family members become involved.

Although I wasn’t totally entranced by My Deepest Love: Zack I did find it to be an enjoyable romance story.  Zack and Traci were likable characters, even though Traci could be a bit trying at times. In spite of that, I really did like her and Zack together. The Drace brothers on a whole had a knack about putting their foot in their mouths and ticking off the objects of their affections. The Drace brothers were an interesting bunch; I liked getting to know them and the women that will turn their lives upside down in the upcoming books in this series. Readers looking for a sweet romance will enjoy My Deepest Love: Zack.


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