More Than Just Roommates by Terri Carnis and Justine Mayne

New Concepts Publishing



Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jada Marquet is having a horrible day. She has just been fired, her boyfriend has left her, and she is flat broke and out of money.  Job hunting is harder than it looks and after a couple of days she is ready to throw in the towel.  Coming up with the idea to advertise for a roommate, Jada interviews several prospects to no avail but when Travis Sanders shows up, she is instantly aware of his masculinity and finds herself thinking of him as a potential lover instead of roommate.  The fact that he is drop dead gorgeous doesnít help.  When he moves in, they are unable to keep their hands and mouths off of each other. Travis is more than just Jadaís roommate; he is the man she never knew she wanted.

The plot and premise of More Than Just Roommates is a good one.  Jada needed help and Travis, being the man that he is, comes to her rescue in the form of a roommate.  He also helps her get back her ambition and realize that the world is not out to get her but that she had to grab hold of her dreams and make them come true.  While I wish I could say this was an extraordinary romance, I canít. The love scenes are hot and sexy but seemed almost rehearsed.  I found myself rolling my eyes at the first love scene between Jada and Travis simply because it happened so quickly. Chemistry seemed to be there but I couldnít feel their emotions and that made it very hard for me to enjoy this book.


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