Mission:  Possession by Mary Winter

Live Action Hero, Book 3

Changeling Press

M/M Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-59596-949-1

Reviewed by Jambrea


Hugh picks a broken action figure to head his new campaign for The Fantastic Five. After taking some pictures the figure comes to life.

Talon once was an action figure, but before that he modeled. The camera loves him, but there is more to him than just a pretty face.

Can Hugh see there is more to Talon then a chance for a good ad campaign?

Mission: Possession is a great addition to the Live Action Hero series. Talon is a great hero who shows there is more to him then just being handsome. He gets Hugh to come out from behind the camera and live. Mary Winters scared me a little in this one towards the end!  I still want more!


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