Missing Linc by Kori Roberts

Loose id

M/M/F Multicultural Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-296-7

Reviewed by Ley



Running from painful memories of personal and professional tragedy Lincoln ĎLincí Castillo left NYC for Puerto Rico.  Starting his life over running a limo service Linc vowed to never allow himself to become involved in a serious relationship again, so when Tomi and Mitch arrived in Puerto Rico and show an interest in Linc, he canít resist getting involved with the sexy pair but he refuses to let his emotions in.

Mitch and Tomi were also mending a broken heart after their lover left them with a hole in their relationship.  They came to Puerto Rico to be married, finding another third was something they didnít expect and they definitely didnít expect to fall in love with him. 

Very hot and extremely erotic!  The physical connection between Tomi, Mitch and Linc was fantastic. Linc was emotionally closed off from the world after a failed triad relationship and getting involved with another was something he never planned to do, but resisting Tomi and Mitch was not easy.  All three had emotional baggage and putting themselves out there with the possibility of being hurt again was very tough for all of them, but Tomi and Mitch had each other to lean on where Linc had no one.  I actually had mixed feelings for Linc.  I liked him with Tomi ad Mitch, but I didnít like how he handled certain situations.  I did like the multicultural diversity of the threesome with Linc being Puerto Rican, Tomi being half Black and half Japanese, Mitch being Caucasian. Readers looking for a hot and sexy love story that will have their emotions on edge will enjoy Missing Linc.


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