Menage a Tasia by Kate Hill

Alien Affairs, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic M/F/M

ISBN: 9781419920134

Reviewed by Lisa



The Laetez lost the war and the small group that was left on the planet Shandbha  became slaves to the victors, the Drapers.  Both species are basically very similar from the neck down but facial features are quite different.

Among the slaves are some crossbreeds, hybrids including a human-Laetez named Tasia.  Her partner, Re Stafford or Staff is full Laetez.  Both have been slaves since childhood when the planet was captured.  Tasia is a guard and Staff is a skilled medic in the colony.

Began by generations before them, there are  tunnels that exist beneath the slave quarters. Soon they will all escape the colony and slavery.  When a new slave, a Laetez-Draper crossbreed named Drago arrives they are suspicious but Drago’s actions quiet concerns.  Drago does have an agenda however and it doesn’t benefit the slaves.  Unfortunately for the normally unemotional Draper hybrid, he is having a great deal of difficulty with his feelings and that includes new found carnal urges towards Tasia and Staff.

A fresh, innovative science fiction story with a steamy romantic twist is titled Menage a Tasia. There are some seriously sinful moments with Tasia, Staff and Drago in author Kate Hill’s fully realized futuristic world.  Menage a Tasia has much to offer those who enjoy a good science fiction with a solid romantic element as a focal point.  Why though is it always left to the heroine to soothe ruffled male egos all the time?  Menage a Tasia is a bold step away from the average ‘space’ romance and this is an entertaining universe!


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