Mating Call by Anne Kane

Shifiting Priorities, Book 3

Changeling Press

Futuristic, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60521-065-0

Reviewed by Jo



Cali grew up on the mean post-Empire streets and learned how to take care of herself.  These days she is a con artist who uses her looks and body in order to get what she wants from her marks.  Now she is looking for the ultimate score so she can retire and live her life in luxury and leisure.   Darien is the owner of a top security system company and he is also a Were Panther.  He knows that Cali is after something from him and it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the pirates he is hunting.  He also knows she is his mate and he believes he can show her that love is the best way to live a great life.  Will Cali be able to keep her eye on the score or will the feelings she is having for Darien prove stronger, especially when she recognizes one of the pirates?

Mating Call has Cali understanding that you don’t always have to take everything that you want—sometimes it can be given freely.  Cali has never known any other way to live than to steal what she wants or needs.  Darien knows all about Cali’s checkered past and has no doubt he can show her a much richer way to live.  No one is more surprised than Cali when she finds out that Darien is a Were Panther—well maybe those pesky pirates are.  I’m not sure which surprised Cali most, discovering that they exist or that Darien knew about her past and still wanted her.  Mating Call is one sexy way to learn just how good love can make you feel.


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