Mastering Mirage by Leila Brown


Changeling Press


I SBN: 978-1-60521-015-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Mirage and her sister Mischief grew up on the sex trade planet of Gila, and want nothing to do with the trade.  They have spent their life looking out for each other and now are five years into a mission to reunite with a sister they have never met.  Soundwave probably doesnít know anything about them but they are tracking her across the galaxy to reunite with her.  But this latest stop on the planet Yarthrax, has them posing as brides.  What they donít know is that this wonít be a normal choosing.

Rynund is stunned at the beauty on stage that apparently has not taken the potion to help them through the mating ritual, and is immediately attracted.  So much so, that when she and her sister manage to escape using their powers of illusions (Mirage) and strength (Mischief), he and his brothers take chase.

Now Mirage is not only fighting to find her sister but she is also fighting for her freedom.  But, is fighting to get away from Rynund what she really wants or will he give her the thing she has really been searching for all her life?

Ms. Brown has created three unique and tough sisters in her series (Mastering Mirage is the second book) and they are ones that I loved to read about.  Her characters are feisty and will do whatever it takes to get to their final goal.  There are some very powerful scenes and situations that are covered in Mastering Mirage and I think Ms. Brown did a wonderful job.  Mastering Mirage is a tale that personifies the fact that you just might find love when and where you least expect it.


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