Lord Deveraux's Lady by Blaise Kilgallen



Reviewed by Tanya



Cassandra “Cassie” Harcourt is recently orphaned and has been sent to London to apply as a maid in the house of the local Vicar’s sister-in-law.  But, as nothing in Cassie’s life seems to be going well she falls into a manure pile in the wet gutter outside of the coaching inn and now is being taken for a harlot.  So much so she narrowly escapes a pervert’s procurer.  But she is just what Lord Deveraux needs, to win the latest bet between him and friends.  He needs to turn her into a London Lady and present her before anyone is the wiser.

Will Cassie go along with the ruse?  And will she and Lord Deveraux let the feelings between them fully develop or will propriety keep them apart?

Lord Deveraux’s Lady is a play on “My Fair Lady” and the training of a non-society lady to be able to pass off as one of society’s own.  I did find the story quite predictable but it was well written in the fact that you were able to see how Cassie would wind up in these situations during this time period.  So while you will know what the end result of Lord Deveraux’s Lady is the trip to get there is a fun read.


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