Lone Star Woman by Sadie Callahan

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451225771

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Jude Strayhorn, of the famous Texan cattle family, is ready to prove she can run her familyís ranch.  She sees the 6-0 property as the key to her goals, but her plans are scuttled when she discovers a mysterious heir has come to claim it.  For reasons she canít explain, she feels drawn to Brady Fallon and canít seem to resist offering her help Ė in whatever way he wants.

Brady Fallon has a history and he knows heís just not quite good enough for Jude.  But he canít help his attraction to her, despite all the complications.  Things only get worse when he starts working for the Strayhorn family as a ranch hand.  Brady and Jude have conflicting goals, and their attraction to each other only makes it harder to decide whatís more important Ė their careers or each other.

Lone Star Woman was a fun, modern Western love story.  Jude is not a simple woman.  She is kind, helpful, spirited and willful.  She thinks she knows her place in the world, so she is rattled by Brady and what he means to her future.  Brady is all a woman could want Ė gorgeous, sexy, and with a heart of gold.  But the complications that could keep them apart are difficult to overcome and make the whole story fun to read.  You find yourself rooting for them both to get everything they want and the resolution is satisfying. 


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