Leaving Earth by Loribelle Hunt

The Delroi Connection, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-519-0

Reviewed by Lisa



The war is now over with both sides having earned a future measure of peace.  The people of Earth, the Alliance and the people of the planet Delroi have licked their wounds and begun the process of living once again.

A contingency from Earth has arrived on Delroi with two women on board looking forward to seeing their good friend Laney, now titled Lady Torfa.  One woman is Britt Anderson, a well known artist and less well known master spy; the other is Dr. Kendall Marks who will be delivering Laney and General Alrik Torfa’s child.

An awareness, a feeling comes to Lord Daggar Torfa, Overchief of the Warrior Caste on Delroi.  His mate is one of Lady Torfa’s friends.  Dr. Marks is only on Delroi long enough to deliver Laney’s baby and then she’s headed back home.  Too bad for Kendall because Daggar has other plans for her. Those plans include lots and lots of time in his bed and a permanent future together.

The second installment in author Loribelle Hunt’s futuristic series centers on another extremely sensual D/s couple.  Leaving Earth gives readers two passionate, sexy characters with a somewhat sparse plotline woven throughout their lovemaking sessions.  Nonetheless, the characters are always engaging and I’m hoping that the next story has more tale than ‘tail’ to look forward to.


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