Lawless by Sarah Black

Liquid Silver Books

M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59578-461-2

Reviewed by Willow



Colton Wheeler and Diego Del Rio have been through more than their share of turmoil to be together. All Diego has ever wanted was to be a doctor and heís a good one. Colton is an old school lawman who loves Diego just the way he is. Unfortunately, Diegoís first lover, Rodrigo, wants Diego too. And that feels creepy and wrong to Colton. Colton vows that no one will ever hurt Diego again. Heíll do what it takes to protect Diego.

The border near the ranch is being used to traffic drugs and people. And Colton is none too happy about that. Coltonís ranch is a safe haven for a motley collection of people, most of whom crossed the border onto his ranch. Then there are the stories of El Tigre. And someone is trying to lure Colton into what Diego thinks is a trap. Or is someone just asking for his help?

And what is with the Apache cattle rustler?

Lawless continues the story of Colton and Diego. The depth of their feelings for each other is so amazing that it makes Lawless worth reading again. They deserve a happy ending. I love Ms Blackís books and when I hear about one I havenít read, I go for it. I was not disappointed.


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