Late Shift by Hannah Beckham

Shift Work, Book 1

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-176-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Raised to hunt and kill demons by her parents Trinity ĎTrinií Staten now shares her life with her best friend and certified genius Merlin ĎMerlí Davitch.  Although human, Trini is somehow able to completely camouflage her body when hunting demons making it much easier to fight and more importantly survive.

Something is going wrong with her chameleon like abilities though and it started with being bitten by a guy during sex a few months ago.  Merl canít even figure out whatís happening so he sends her to Newton Price, a telepath and demon expert. Maybe Newton will have some answers for them.

Trini is instantly attracted to Newton and the feelings are mutual.  The problem is that Trini is also totally aroused by Merl and she is unwilling to forego her needs for either man.  Why is she suddenly overwhelmed with desire for these two men?  At the same time Trini is beset with demons trying to kill her.  Now she is the hunted instead of the hunter.  Trini better find answers quickly before she goes insane with lust or ends up some demonís dinner.

Late Shift takes readers on a roller coaster ride of paranormal suspense and steamy, hot sexual encounters in a new series by author Hannah Beckham.   But, this story does take a while to find itís footing in the beginning with a few confusing gaps in the plot at the start.  By the end however, everything was answered so that I was fully involved and I am looking forward to the next book in this innovative series.  Late Shift has a bumpy start but once it gets rolling, itís a very entertaining ride!


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