Killer Charms by Marianne Stillings



ISBN: 9780060850746

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Inspector Andie Darling is hoping to prove Logan Sinclair is a fake and move up in the ranks of the police department.  Logan is known around the world as a clairvoyant, but what is not reported is how he defrauds women of some of their earthly goods.  She goes undercover to catch the thief, but gets more than she bargained for.

Logan Sinclair traveled from Scotland to take care of some business.  Meeting Andie wasn’t in his plans.  He keeps to himself, but Andie captures his attention.  Sure he can shake her out of his system, he does everything he can to put her off, but instead he finds himself needing her.

Andie finds herself wanting to believe in Logan, but then she finds herself getting blackmailed – bring down Logan, or else.  Add in her eerily realistic “dreams” of a woman who died 100 years ago, and Andie doesn’t know where to turn.

Killer Charms is a well-layered story, with suspense, drama and romance.  The characters are fully three-dimensional, with complicated emotions and reasons for everything they do.  The love story is believable and handled with finesse. 

Killer Charms has is part of the Darling Detective stories, and I can’t wait to find the others and read them as quickly as I read this one.  


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