Kidnapped by Shiela Stewart

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN: 978-1-60202-030-6

Reviewed by Willow



Elizabeth Cromwell has been kidnapped. It wasn’t bad enough that she had just endured two hours with the two most boring women on earth. What did she do to deserve this kind of treatment? Truth is…..nothing.

Mac just wants to save the farm….literally. This job will get him the money he needs to save the land his father worked so hard for. But the whole kidnapping thing gives him a sinking feeling in his gut.

While Liz does everything she can to escape and Mac does everything he can to prevent that from happening, they start to fall. He is so not her type, plus he kidnapped her and she is just a snobby socialite living off daddy’s money. Yeah, like that makes a difference.  Liz and Mac try to suppress the feelings they are developing for each other.

As Liz ponders her situation, she realizes that Mac treats her with more concern than her own parents ever did. His sense of family is everything she has ever wanted. Her father’s fame has always been so much more important to him than his daughter. Some overheard information makes her see just how much more.

I liked Kidnapped. Liz and Mac get their happily ever after and the villain gets a kick in the pants, so to speak. A chivalrous kidnapper is always fun to see. And Miss Snobby, even though she doesn’t realize she is, learns a few lessons about herself. Being kidnapped turned into an enlightening experience and the hunky man didn’t hurt either.


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