Junk n' Her Trunk by Marie Rochelle

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-259-7

Reviewed by Nellie



It was instant attraction when Trent “Hawk” James laid eyes on Khasity Chase on one of her tutoring sessions with his sister. Khasity was in High School and Trent was in College and both fighting hormones and attraction for each other, a few choice words they could not take back were said led to each determined to stay away from the other. 

After a few years, Khasity is back in town a celebrity and now forced to work with the one person she wanted to avoid, Trent ‘Hawk’ 

I enjoyed reading Junk n’ Her Trunk. The whole theme is centered on a few careless words said without thought and shaped the main character into what she became. Khasity embraced those few words and became a celebrity and acute businesswomen. I found Hawk a bit indecisive sometimes and the coming together of the two lovers a bit superficial. I applaud the delivery and story line that is substantiated by the different scenarios, well done.


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