Into the Lair by Maya Banks

Falcon Mercenary Group, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal/Contemporary/Menage

ISBN: 978-1-60504-210-7

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Katie is unable to get in touch with her brother and knows that something is wrong.  On the run for many years, she and her brother have gone to great lengths to keep her safe from the man searching to harm her.  Finally giving up on getting in touch with her brother, Katie sets out on her own only to run into trouble – trouble that comes in the form of two men who seem to be way more threatening than the man that is hunting her.  Before she can get away from them, they catch her.  However, before all three of them can get to safety, danger shows itself once again.  

Braden and Ian are not sure why Katie’s brother asked them to take care of her but they are glad he did – especially since they both realize that Katie is meant to be theirs.  Now all they have to do is convince her that they do not mean her any harm.  That might prove hard indeed because Katie has been indoctrinated to trust no one.  Not even the men that would give their lives for hers. 

Alpha males and a stubborn yet lovable heroine always catch my attention and no one writes this scenario any better than Maya Banks.  Katie’s self determination and true grit attitude endeared me to her from the first scene. She does not understand what it means to be loved and because of this, some scenes grabbed my heart and more than once I found tears in my eyes. Braden and Ian were men after my heart as they selflessly tried to make Katie believe in them and the feelings they had for her.  As brothers they know what the other is thinking but when Katie was added to the mix their hormones and other manly attributes went berserk and more than once they found themselves going by emotions alone.  And that was just fine with me because man oh man did those boys know how to pour emotions and feelings into every single touch they gave Katie. 

Fans of Maya Banks’ first Falcon Mercenary Group installment, Into the Mist, will be thrilled with Into the Lair, the second installment.  The road to trust is a long one for Katie and her men but the end result is worth it.  Into the Lair is simply stunning.   


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