Her Winged Mates by Ruth D. Kerce

Snowfire, Multi Author series

Changeling Press

Paranormal F/M/M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-193-0

Reviewed by Lisa



As a favor for a good friend, Sheridin Jacoby travels to the middle of nowhere to babysit a home and three beautiful snowy owls.  Things become a little odd right from the start with a semi strange note from her friend Josh and then, suddenly three gorgeous, nude men show up as she is settling in a bedroom.  Where did these hot specimens come from but, then again who cares?

Her Winged Mates is a scorching hot addition to the popular Snowfire series.  Consensual sex between Sheridin and three lusty strangers is pretty much the entire storyline.  Itís so steamy you donít mind so much!  I only wish there was a follow up to see what could happen next.  Her Winged Mates is wicked fun!


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