Her Dakota Men by Leah Brooke

Dakota Heat series, book 1

Siren-Bookstrand Publishing

Menage a Trois/Quatre Western/Cowboys

Reviewed by Ley



It broke Stacyís heart to leave the ranch, the only home she ever known but staying with her abusive father was no longer bearable. After infrequent trips back to see the few people she considered family, her father passed away and Stacy was free to return home to be with those she loved, especially the foremanís sons, Wolfe, Cash and Travis Dakota.

When Stacy gives into the love she feels for Wolfe, Cash and Travis, the pleasure of being with them may lead to more pain if her intimacy with each of them is revealed. 

I had a difficult time being drawn in to this story.  I found Stacy to be weak and the Dakota brothers were too overbearing and controlling of her. I would have liked this story much better if Stacy was stronger and more aggressive in the relationship with each of the bothers.  I also wasnít crazy about how Stacy goes from innocent to sleeping around behind each brotherís back.  Her Dakota Men is a very emotional story and I can see great potential in Leah Brooke but I just could not connect with this story.


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