Have Yourself a Naughty Little Santa by Karin Tabke

Pocket Star


ISBN: 9781416564584

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kimberly Michaels canít remember the last time she got really down and dirty with a man.  As a major ball buster in the corporate world, she is constantly busy and does not have time for a personal life.  Craving the anonymity of a one night stand, Kimberly searches for a stranger at the hotel bar.  Once she reels him in, they indulge themselves with each other all night long.  As she sneaks away the next morning, Kimberly wishes she could stick around but she knows that relationships are not for her and almost mourns that she will never see him again.  It is a good thing she didnít send a mourning wreath because she comes face to face with her mysterious lover after she arrives in Evergreen, the town she has been sent to scope out the details for a corporate takeover.  Ricco Maza, the lover she never knew she wanted, is skeptical of her motives but he canít keep his hands off of her.  What will he do when he finds out that she is going to be the one to close his town down? 

Kimberly and Riccoís attraction to each other and the magnetism which drew them together is fiery and immediate.  Their love scenes were hot and burned the pages of Have a Naughty Little Santa.  But that is where their connection ended for me.  I could never establish why they wanted the other to stick around except for the sexual aspect of their relationship.  Both had been devastated by love before and didnít want to be hurt again and that was understandable.  What wasnít understandable was the fact that their feelings caused this relationship to seem dirty and underhanded.  I never felt that they truly loved each other until the very ending of Have a Naughty Little Santa and because of that, I just could not relate nor fully enjoy what I know others have raved about.  Karin Tabke will remain an author of mine to buy Ė I just think the theme and characters influenced my judgment on Have a Naughty Little Santa.


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