Hard Ride Home by KyAnn Waters

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419918889

Reviewed by Ley



After seven years Trace Tilton no longer considered Farley Gulch his home, and if his father had not suffered a severe heart attack he doubted he would have ever returned.  He had no plans to stay any longer than it took for his father to recuperate enough to resume the running of the family ranch, The Triple T, but apparently his father and sister had other ideas.  No matter what his father and sister are expecting returning home permanently was not an option for many reasons. Being gay and not out to his family topped the list and Farley Gulch was not the place for a gay man to live.

Ironically Nash Stokes, The Triple T Foreman thought differently. For Nash, Farley Gulch was just what he needed to live a simple life even if it meant being alone. When the boss’ son returns home Nash’s simple life is turned upside down.

Hard Ride Home was an enjoyable and very sweet story. Trace and Nash were quite likable, but I would have loved a deeper emotional connection between them. It felt like their interest in one another was only physical and due to easy access, both being available in a small town. Sexually the passion was there but emotionally it was lacking, however I still found Hard Ride Home to be a very good read.


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