Hangin’ With My Window Man by Carolina Valdez

Amber Quill – Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-467-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Businessman Ryan Halloran is a successful V.P. at DreamMagic, Inc. making motion pictures come to life.  Ryan lives in a big, beautiful Hollywood home, a chinos and loafers kind of guy.  At the other end of the spectrum is Boon Andrews.  Boon is a window washer who wears cut off jeans, Doc Martens, earrings and favors bold body art.

A window washing disaster brings together two vastly different men.  Yet, once they spend a little time with each other they realize all the outside stuff doesn’t matter when the heart becomes involved.  Boon is helpless to aid Ryan over business problems but when Ryan gets himself into a bad situation it’s a chance for Boon to return a life saving favor and then perhaps see what the future holds.

Opposites attract in a charming tale titled Hangin’ With My Window Man.  Ryan and Boon are an engaging pair of well written characters who make this story work.  There is some abruptness in the plot when Ryan’s work or ex-boyfriend are the focal point, it takes away from the overall story.  Hangin’ With My Window Man has a few small bumps but the main characters make this tale enjoyable and entertaining.


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