Gone Surfin' by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley Series, book 9


M/M Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-906811-79-2

Reviewed by Ley



Surfing was Kai Haciya’s life, it was his business and his pleasure. For as long as he could remember nothing has ever taking his attention from surfing until he met Quade Maddison, a small town mayor vacationing in Hawaii. When Quade left to return to Cattle Valley he took Kai’s heart with him.  Unable to concentrate, Kai began to fall in the competition rankings.  Kai knew the only way to get himself back on track was to see Quade again even if it meant braving the cold of Cattle Valley.

There was only one gift Quade wanted for Christmas but it would have to wait until his next vacation, or so he thought.  Kai showing up in Cattle Valley was more than Quade ever hoped for but the enjoyment of their time together was overshadowed by how they would cope once Kai returned back to Hawaii.

Gone Surfin’ was a very sweet story.  Quade and Kai were willing to make some big sacrifices for each other in order to be together, which was very endearing. Kai and Quade both were fun and entertaining characters. I was very amused by Kai’s first time being in snow and meeting the people of Cattle Valley. Gone Surfin’ and Kai and Quade’s story was a great edition to the Cattle Valley series.


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